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We are site preparation and Machine Work sub-contractor to landscapers and residential people who do their own landscaping but don't have the equipment.


Calgary Urban Bobcat Landscaping Services


Urban Bobcat Services is a Calgary locally owned skid steer, excavating and rock wall installation specialist. We will assess your job requirements and configure our equipment line-up to meet your needs. Since we are experts at running our equipment, we will bring your job to completion on time and on budget.


Our Calgary - DeWinton Landscaping and Excavating experience covers everything from small urban residential environments to acreages. We will get you on your way to enjoying your new outdoor living space.


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Bob Excavator 430Our Bobcat Excavator E50 can move 1-ton stones with ease.


With a dig depth of 10’ 2’’ and a width of 70” our excavator can quickly prep your garage building site, patio, pathway or concrete project. It can also conveniently machine place your natural stone retaining walls.

Certified tree workers and the right equipment will get the project under way in no time.


Our skid steers with dump trailers make short work of land clearing and debris removal.


Bobcat S205 with DumpTruckTruck with Roll Off Bins


With our fleet of bins we can move your material in and out of the job site at your convenience. No more waiting for the truck to return – just fill up another bin while the truck is gone.


No more wasting time cleaning up after the job because the material was stored on the ground. With our bin service the area is neat and clean all the time.


MukTruck LaborOur four-wheel drive motorized wheelbarrows can transform the average 100-pound labourer into a quarter ton material moving machine.


The machine operates at the same pace every day all day.


Competitive Rates




418 Excavator with	Mucktrucks Bobcat 418 Mini Excavator



It’s time to leave the shovel and pick in the truck. With the Bobcat 418 all the manual shoveling is in the past. Let us get into those tight locations and dig the holes for the new trees being planted.


Limited access is a non-issue to keep your productivity up. We have specialized tight quarter equipment. Our 418 excavator can retract its width to squeeze through a garden gate.


The roll bar can be lowered to accommodate passage through a garage man door.


Vermeer 352 Stump GrinderNo more wasted time digging, pulling, or prying those stubborn stumps.


Let our stump grinders remove them quickly and effortlessly
without disturbing the surrounding landscape.



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We aren't here to compete with you. We are here to let you do your core business of planting and beautifying the yard for your customer. By using our equipment and staff to get the bull work done you will get the job done quicker and increase the number of jobs per year, resulting in higher profits at the end of the season.

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